Test engineering 

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MEMS Piezoelectric Optical Test engineering Mathematical & FEA Data Processing

Tecray provides test engineering software and test stand development as consultant advice or test engineer contractor to aid you in prototyping, assembly and test operations. 

What tecray can do for you

bullet Rapid development of prototype and hi-tech manufacturing test systems and software
bullet Understanding engineering demands to ensure systems
bullet Clear communication with clients
bullet Develop intelligent and usable software appropriate to your needs


Test System design
Development of systems for MTP (Manufacturing Test Protocol) or ATP (Automated Test) to test critical parameters of products.
Create test strategies which test every device or run sample tests.
Software development
LabView and Visual Basic programming for instrument control & Data Acquisition (DAQ).
Custom-built software which can self-calibrate and test; including algorithm development for test speed or performance improvement.
Assembly system automation design
Assistance in automation of critical assembly tasks needing high precision or test feedback.

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