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MEMS Piezoelectric Optical Test engineering Mathematical & FEA Data Processing

Tecray can assist in piezoelectric applications with a breadth of experience including piezoelectric motors and micromotors, optical interferometers, nanometer precision positioning and developing custom assembly machines. Contacts with universities and established suppliers create further access to specialist technologies.

What tecray can do for you

bullet Essential experience in piezoelectric technology to guide decisions & avoid pitfalls
bullet Create novel solutions and/or IP
bullet Accelerate product development
bullet Provide advice or contract work with your in-house team


Vibrating Structures
Development or advice on piezoelectric vibrators, ultrasonic motors and micromotors from experts.
Nanometer precision movement
Precision actuation to nanometer levels with positional feedback. Custom applications such as optics/fibre optics and precision assembly.
Piezoelectric materials applied to MEMS
Experience and contacts in the development of piezoelectric thick films (up to 100Ám) and thin films (70nm to 2Ám) and their application to MEMS devices.

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